Thunder Bay Pinball Leagues

We 2 pinball league season a year, one in the spring, one in the fall. All skill levels are welcome to join league.

For more information you can scroll down to see the players guide for the League or click one of the links for more information.

Players Guide


A season has 10-16 days of regular play. You only need to attend 8 to be eligible for ranking and prizes.


At the start of the season, players will be assigned into groups of 2, 3 or 4 people, based on current season standing, this will hopefully group people with like skill levels when possible. During initial sessions the grouping will be based on the previous season when possible, placing new arrivals at the bottom to start. You compete only with your group-mates for league points for the session.

League Scoring

Each group plays four games per session.  For each game played, you can score 0 to 4 league points. You must play at least 8 sessions during the season to qualify for final standing. League points will be averaged to even out players that play more than 8 sessions.

Place Base Pts #1 > 3 * #2 ?
1st 3 Yes: +1
2nd 0 No: +1
Place Base Pts #1 > #2 + #3 ?
1st 3 Yes: +1
2nd 2
3rd 0 No: +1
Place Base Pts #1 > #2 + #3 ? #2 > #3 + #4 ?
1st 3 Yes: +1
2nd 2 Yes: +1
3rd 1 No: +1
4th 0 No: +1

Extra Balls

On machines set to 3-ball play, you may play 1 earned extra ball (EB); on machines set to 5-ball play, you may not play any extra balls.  Any EB’s earned above these limits must be plunged.  You may not flip or otherwise touch the machine once the ball is in motion.  (If the machine gives you a “ball saver”, you must plunge that away, too.)  Sorry, you can’t “buy in” an extra ball, even if you scored a replay during your game.


Basic rules of courtesy apply.  Do not touch a machine when it’s someone else’s turn.  When your turn comes up, be ready to play.  If you need to step away for a moment, let your group know where you are and when you’ll be back.  Tilting your ball imposes no penalty other than that imposed by the machine (usually loss of ball and bonus).  “Slam tilting” the machine, however, will cause you to forfeit that game; multiple violations may cause you to forfeit the season!


League pinball is more fun to play when all players participate regularly.  Forfeiting games goes against the spirit of the league.  Therefore, if you forfeit 8 games in a season, you will be dropped from the league for the rest of the season, and cannot qualify for playoffs.  We offer 16 sessions for you to make up sessions you miss on other days.

League Dues

The league treasurer will collect dues in the amount of $10 per season per player.  These dues pay for league prizes, trophies, parties, and other special events.

This fee is due on the first day of league.

Top scoring prize 2/3 of league fees.

Runner up 1/3 of league fees.


Teams will be chosen randomly each week. This will allow for experienced players and novices to be teamed together and learn from each other’s playing style.


Players must pay for each game played (usually $1.00 per game). If credits are already accumulated on a machine when you begin a game (due to previous replays, match, etc), game money must be deposited in the kitty.

The kitty will be award by a fun challenge to be decided with the group.


4 games per session will be played.

Special Rulings: Some leagues have slight variations on the rules described in this document.  For more information, please ask any league officer.

This is a “quick start” guide; these are not the official league rules.  In the event of omission or ambiguity, the official league rules prevail.  The official rules may be found on the "Rules" tab on this page.