We believe in preserving pinball machines for future generations. You can count on us to pour technical skill and love into your machine.


From a basic tune up to full restoration we have your back.

Call us today for a free quote on your machine.


Free quotes include 30 minutes of diagnostic help and an estimate or the work costs to move forward. 

See our pricing list below; all of our prices will have a $40 truck fee added. It's hard to have accurate pricing on repairs without seeing the machine, but these are guideline we try to use.


Basic Shop Clean, Wax, switch adjustment, up to 5 bulb replacement(incand) $250.00 recommended once per year for home use
Advanced Shop Rubber replacement, Clean, Wax, up to 5 light bulb replacements(incand), switch adjustment, new balls $350.00 recommended once every 3 years for home use
LED Conversion All new LEDs $500.00  
Playfield Restore Complete strip and recoat playfield in automotive clear, including rebuild, DOES NOT INCLUDE REPLACEMENT OF BROKEN PARTS Starting at: $1000.00 depending on game.
Advanced  Diagnosis For problems that require more than 30 minutes to diagnose. $40.00 per hour
ROM Chip Replacement Replacement of chip with equivalent or better ROM chips $20.00 plus chip
Coin Cell Battery Replacement Replace your batteries in the machine with coin cells. Increase replacement intervals to 3 years. $50.00  
Truck Fee For in house work within Thunder Bay area (does not get charged if only free diagnosis) $40.00